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Emaux EPV Power Variable Speed Pump "EPV" Series -
Emaux EPV Power Variable Speed Pump "EPV" Series -
Emaux EPV Power Variable Speed Pump "EPV" Series -
Emaux EPV Power Variable Speed Pump "EPV" Series -
Emaux EPV Power Variable Speed Pump "EPV" Series -

Emaux EPV Power Variable Speed Pump "EPV" Series

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Advantages of Variable Speed vs Traditional Single Speed 

 Emaux EPV -Power Variable Speed Pump reduces the energy usage of your pool, spa, waterfalls, or fountains. The saving due to higher efficiency provides saving from over-usage and lower equipment maintenance cost.

Traditional single speed pump runs at maximum load continuously, inefficient and high running cost compared to the Emaux EPV range. Reducing speeds provides slower water circulation rates puts less strain on the complete installation such as filter, sanitization, and plumbing. It reduces the wear and tear factors ending in saving to the homeowner. 


 Motor Advantage


Emaux E-Power Variable Speed Pump utilizes the latest Permanent Magnet Motors (PPM) technology, it produces a magnetic field between the rotor and windings. The energy saving is derived from the ability to reduce the RPM of the motor itself. The standard motor consumes electricity to induce the magnetic field into the rotor; on the other hand, PPM motor gains efficiency by the magnets working to spin the rotor, which achieves the efficiency rating of 90%.

Most of the energy saving comes from the ability to program the pump and reach the ideal flow rate by scheduling the E-Power Variable Speed Pump. Power consumption reduces as pump speed and water flow reduces. Reducing the speed of your pump by half, the flow rate also drops to half, but the power consumption of the pump is reduced 85%.

Noise Level

With the advanced hydraulic design, water moves much more efficiently and the operation is whisper quiet with the E-Power Variable Speed Pump operating at lower Speeds. The Permanent Magnet Motor technology eliminates excessive motor noise; E-Power Variable Speed Pump brings you to another level of satisfaction.

Application & Installation


EMAUX E-Power variable Speed Pump maximizes the efficiency of your pool filtration system with the aid of the one-touch controller.The presettable direct speed controller enables the homeowner tomanage their sage with a press of a single button to schedule their water system with a piece of mind. Crystal clear quality pool water is provided with Emaux E-Power Variable Speed Pumps.


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